3. Making an Offer

One of the most important aspects of buying a home is the negotiation process and this is where I work for you. I leverage my combined knowledge of the market with professional leadership and communication skills, laying the foundation for the best possible financial outcome for you.  

You need a Realtor® that knows how to get the deal closed. 

will be by your side every step of the way combining extensive searching and preparation in trying to find the home you wish to purchase.After being shown the properties available to you based on your initial list of desirable features and narrowed down your options, I will assist you with gathering further information so that you can make the right choice before you make any offers.  

At this point, you will have found the home you want, and will be commencing the process to proceed with an offer on the property.There are a number of factors that will affect your decision on what to offer on the property. Market conditions are always a factor. For instance, if it is a “buyer’s” market, you will have some more negotiating room for the property. In a “seller’s” market, you may want to place your best offer up front in order to be the one chosen by the seller.Also to be considered are the values of the properties around the one you desire. These figures are typically called “comparables”. I will show you all of the properties on a list that have closed or are for sale currently in the vicinity of the property you are submitting an offer on. These comparables must be analyzed and a realistic value for the property established. You will also want to establish the possession date, or date you will actually become the owner, before writing an offer. If you are obtaining a mortgage, a lender will generally need about 30 days to complete your mortgage, order and evaluate the appraisal, and furnish the closing documents. If you have been pre-approved, this time frame may shorten. Of course, you will want to give yourself ample time to conduct any inspections on the property prior to your chosen closing date.You should never enter into an agreement without as much information as possible. My commitment to providing you with superior expertise and services helps you be the most informed buyer you can be.An offer to purchase property is a legally binding document, and will be explained to you in detail prior to submitting any offers. I want you to be prepared, but also enjoy this exciting experience.

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